These reviews are for my personal remembrance of points I took away from reading a book. These reviews aren’t meant to give x/5 stars to books.

In my opinion, a book is never read in isolation. Whatever I’ve read before will influence how I take up information in another book; some reviews will refer to other books/blogs/podcasts/YouTube videos/personal experience. And a new book may question my memory of previously read ones; for which the summaries come in handy.

If you’re looking for a star rating, that’s not here. If you’re here to look at someone else’s take on a book, be welcomed and continue reading.
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Blinkist review

Bottom line up-front: the Blinkist-format doesn't work for me. The Blinks try to convey emotions through storytelling and by building up tension; before releasing it with the last sentence in which they present the key take-aways. This is not what I need. I was looking for a short form /…

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