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Bula! Fiji is a beautiful Pacific island archipelago with kind, helpful, friendly people. And it is a place where it is difficult to get much done -- though, not in a bad way at all! So, hang in, slow down, and enjoy fijitime! (The present account of our travels dates…

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Fail/Pass tests and the implied failure rate and confidence levels

Let's say we conduct a fail/pass test. We subject $n_\mathrm{s}$ samples to an accelerated (representative) life test of $m=1$ lifetime equivalents. The test is considered a success if $100\,\%$ of the $n_\mathrm{s}$ samples survive. Yet, this leaves the important question of how certain can we be that the population as…

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Exploring the riches of Myanmar

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(originally posted on Medium on Nov 12, 2019) Impressions after one month of travel Tavel in Myanmar is easy. Though, I wouldn’t recommend a novice traveller to start in Myanmar. Yet, a lot is similar to other southeast asian countries. Someone who has already experienced one of those other countries…

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