I like traveling the world. I like the esthetics of our planet, simply the sensory inputs from experiencing it. And I like the diversity in human ingenuity — be it the different ways various cultures approach a topic, or the artifacts they/we build along the way. There are very different ways in being essentially the same!

Traveling exposes me to different ways of looking at things; gives me new perspectives. These new perspectives help me to question my priors, which help me in finding patterns and optimizing systems which have nothing to do with travel.

And sometimes I feel inspired to write about some of the discoveries, hence the present category.
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Bula! Fiji is a beautiful Pacific island archipelago with kind, helpful, friendly people. And it is a place where it is difficult to get much done -- though, not in a bad way at all! So, hang in, slow down, and enjoy fijitime! (The present account of our travels dates…

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Exploring the riches of Myanmar

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(originally posted on Medium on Nov 12, 2019) Impressions after one month of travel Tavel in Myanmar is easy. Though, I wouldn’t recommend a novice traveller to start in Myanmar. Yet, a lot is similar to other southeast asian countries. Someone who has already experienced one of those other countries…

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